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In loving memory

On December 30, 2007 our beloved Grafitti passes away

Grafitti you will be still a part of our heart - we love you forever

Premior Grafitti von Eran

Grafitti was 2 best cat of Switzerland in 2004

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Perser black smoke
dob. February 01, 1999

~ Pedigree ~

Grafitti is our teddy bear. He has adopted us. Grafitti is an excellent teacher for the kittens in the lesson: 'keep cool baby' - 'don't worry be happy'. His temperament is so friendly... I guess if he will meet some young birds he would like to keep care of them. My friend Anita from the Shootinstars Cattery helped me to prepare him to be a show star. Therefore: Thank you so much Anita for your patience with me!! Unfortunatelly because of an accident he lost his tail - so what now he is a Perbob.

Thank you so much Lilo Pfister for this unique teddy with a personality of an angel. Big kisses for you Lilo!


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